The Green Acres Academy  The Green Acres Academy

The world has changed. Every child must shape their future in it.

The world is changing rapidly, new kinds of jobs are being created and an entirely new set of skills are needed to succeed. Green Acres International was created to prepare your child for whatever the future brings. While ensuring that each child has a deep foundation of knowledge, strong values, a global mindset, and is deeply rooted in India’s culture and ethos.

Our job is not to prepare students for something. Our job is to prepare students for anything.
–A. J. Juliani
The best elements
                        of an Indian and
                        international education. The best elements
                        of an Indian and
                        international education.

One of India’s most innovative IGCSE programmes*.

Green Acres International aims to not only to be one of the best IGCSE schools in Chembur or Mumbai, but one that helps shape the future of education in India*. Our educational programme is based on Cambridge Assessment International Education’s IGCSE board syllabus* - the world’s most popular international board.

What makes us different from other IGCSE Schools in Mumbai is a series of education innovations that let each child grow holistically, become better citizens, and pursue their unique interests - whether they enjoy making robots, or playing in a rock band.

Education that goes beyond the curriculum

The 8-4-8 Appraoch

A new, state-of-the-art building. With top-notch facilities and activity spaces.

Our new building in Borla will have every facility and resource a child needs to learn, explore, grow and express their creativity. Smart classrooms, designed for the 21st century, are fully air-conditioned and designed with flexible seating, audio-visual equipment, wifi and ample air and light. An open-plan pre-primary section with indoor and outdoor sections, ensure that children get out in the sun and fresh air.

*A proposed Cambridge International School (presently inviting application for admissions to Cambridge Primary programme).