Facilities and Safety Facilities and Safety

Our school building didn’t just win awards.

It actually promotes better learning.

Our award-winning school buildings, developed with some of India's finest architects, are examples of environments that impact how students approach their learning, and teachers their lessons. The buildings foster both greater collaboration, as well as greater independence, with intelligently designed spaces, flooded with abundant natural light and air.

The buildings are designed to 'learn, teach and grow' with the generations of students and teachers, to create an environment that is not only conducive to learning today, but can adapt to stay relevant decades from now.

Learning Facilities Learning Facilities
Safety Safety

A safety program so robust, we invite parents to inspect it any time.

While most Indian schools focus on academic development, at TGAA we believe in giving children access to a wide variety of learning experiences, skills and areas of knowledge.

CCTV monitoring

Every staff member at TGAA is highly trained. And we keep their knowledge at the cutting-edge with a mandatory 25 days of training per teacher. Weekly staff meetings and regular assessments help them correct any deficits. Regular workshops are conducted to ensure teachers and support staff stay updated with innovative learning methods and tools.

Safe Transportation

School busses have a unique loading and unloading procedure that ensures safety. GPS tracking lets you know where your child is at any moment. A female attendant accompanies students on all routes.

Fire and earthquake

The building is earthquake-resistant and has extensive fire safety equipment. The school as a well defined fire evacuation protocol that all students and staff are well versed with. Practice drills are conducted twice a year.

Staff safety checks

All staff, including teachers, housekeeping, security and non-teaching staff are subjected to employment verification, court verification and police verification by a third party.

Strict entry and exit policy

The school is designed to allow entry and exit only at one point, which is strictly controlled by well-trained security team.

First aid training for all staff

In addition to the highly trained medical staff at the health centre, all school staff are required to undergo training in first aid once a year.