A unique 8-4-8 approach. A unique 8-4-8 approach.

A unique
8-4-8 approach.

Because your child’s every talent should get the chance to flourish.

While most Indian schools focus on academic development, at TGAA we believe in giving children access to a wide variety of learning experiences, skills and areas of knowledge.

We take the solid academic foundation that a board’s curriculum provides, and add to it all that is missing: extracurricular subjects, an approach to teaching that makes learning more enjoyable, highly-trained teachers, and the best-in-class facilities for an environment where children flourish. Our approach actively nurtures a child's physical, artistic, and emotional development, in addition to academic growth.

The result is a new approach to education that brings together the best ideas from across the world, to develop each child's natural talents and make them the best they can be. We call it the 8:4:8 approach.

The 8-4-8 Approach

The 8-4-8 Appraoch
The 8-4-8 Appraoch
The 8-4-8 Appraoch

Teaching that engages all your child's senses.

The key to better learning.

Science shows us that a multi-sensorial approach to teaching helps children learn better, and retain what they learn longer.
That's why our curriculum is delivered through visual presentations, audio clips, hands on experiences and out-of-school events.
We often invite experts to share their knowledge on subjects as diverse as poetry and robotics.
Field trips play an important role in learning with students being able to see, smell and touch.

Visual Presentations
Audio Clips
Hands On Experience
Field Trips
Events & Special Days
Inviting a resource person from industry
Learning through events & special days
Learning through
Technology plays a vital role at TGAA. Each classroom has an LCD projector and interactive boards that let teachers use digital content in their lessons. A state-of-the-art computer lab helps children learn the latest in computing.
Inclusion and
counselling programe
At TGAA we believe students have a right to reach their maximum potential. However many children face issues at school, including low academic performance, slow or poor written work, hyperactivity and distractibility, and emotional and behavioral problems. Our inclusion and counseling programs work at 3 levels to ensure that no child is left behind, allowing each child to feel accepted, valued and confident.

A culture of constant learning.

It isn’t just for students, but for teachers,
administrators and parents too.

teacher training
Every staff member at TGAA is highly trained. And we keep their knowledge at the cutting-edge with a mandatory 25 days of training per teacher. Weekly staff meetings and regular assessments help them correct any deficits. Regular workshops are conducted to ensure teachers and support staff stay updated with innovative learning methods and tools.
parent partnership
No partnership makes a bigger difference to your child’s education than that of teachers and parents, to ensure the learning and values that a child receives at school are reinforced at home. Workshops for parents are held throughout the school session that cover topics like child nutrition and health, child development and even new ideas in parenting.
A school that’s
constantly evolving
At TGAA we believe if you aren't moving forward, you are falling behind. That applies to our school as a whole. As an institution, we reflect monthly, and annually on our learnings and seek to improve and upgrade our systems every year. We use internal, national, and international benchmarks to identify any concerns and we then use our development program to plug any gaps.