A co-educational school, providing the perfect blend of educational, sports and recreational facilities.


Beyond Academics

Academics is the foundation of our school. However, academics is not enough to create a well-rounded modern citizen. We thus offer a professionally structured program for:


sports Participation in sports or physical activities is beneficial to children for their social, physical and cognitive development. To facilitate this, we have a focused sports program in which all students will learn to swim, all students will learn self defense, all students will learn 3 or more sports and all children will exercise an hour a day.

Trained physical instructors using modern equipment shall conduct the sports program which adheres to school board guidelines around a structured curriculum and evaluation.


MusicWe believe that every child has the capacity to learn, experience and nurture his or her innate love for music. Exposure to music at an early age improves a child's IQ, speech and pronunciation, develops areas of the brain involved in language and reason. Music further aids in memory skills as well as literacy and mathematics.

Our music curriculum covers musical instruments, vocal music as well as music theory.




dance Regular dance practice can increase a child's flexibility, balance and range of motion, physical strength and stamina. Dance also enhances a child's imagination to formulate ideas, characters and narratives.

Moving to music is enjoyable for children for all ages and can play an important role in reducing stress. Our aim is to give our students exposure to various Western and Indian dance forms.





dramaSpeech and drama at our school is a core curriculum subject and is integrated with each class' overall academic plan. Speech and drame enhances the student's overall learning experience through techniques developed in the rehearsal room. The curriculum effectively cultivates creative thinking and problem solving abilities, strong social and interpersonal skills, and strong communication skills in children. Through drama, we get our students to think better, create better and express themselves better.

Our speech and drama instructors are professionals who have decades of experience in teaching and professional theater.


creative writing

dance Our creative writing module encourages students to try their hand at storytelling and writing across different genres, such as Poetry, Fiction and Non Fiction. Over the course of this curriculum, students gain exposure to a wide range of literature, discover new forms of story writing and realize their own writing potential under the guidance of our faculty.

The genres dealt with in this module include fables, myth, quest, science fiction, poetry apart from numerous activities designed purely to free up the child's imagination and warm them to the act of expression through writing.



reading With the growth of digital media and the dependence on it, students need a reading program that actively inculcates the reading habit. We carefully select books for their powerful narratives and ability to deal with issues of relevance to the children. Most of the books in our selection, have received international awards for their thematic and aesthetic excellence.

Theatre, games, visual art and self expression through writing are some of the ways in which we draw children into the world of narrative, characters, plot, conversation, concentration and vocabulary building.

Our focus is to develop in children a deep love of stories, which have a ripple effect that show in other areas of education.