A co-educational school, providing the perfect blend of educational, sports and recreational facilities.


Middle School Program

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think"- Albert Einstein

The curriculum here helps to build an extremely strong foundation for children to help them build a meaningful connect between their thoughts, words and actions. The teacher here has the prime responsibility of empowering learners to build insight and understanding, develop personal skills, analyse situations and communicate more effectively with others. In connection to the learning experiences provided at the primary level, in the Middle School, the academic areas are emphasized to help children become independent learners through critical thinking skills, inquiry and research.


The non-academic areas are incorporated in the curriculum as Club Activities where children have to choose their activity of interest for further development of those skills; but sports remains an eminent part and children learn Basketball and Football in addition to the activities offered at the primary level. The Assessment patterns are varied as children engage in lot of activities such as field trips, group projects, performances during Special Assemblies, Classroom activities, Camps, etc which also help them to understand their roles and responsibilities to become productive learners in this ever challenging and changing globalised world.