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Playgroup Program

In playgroup, the curriculum revolves around giving children freedom to explore. Children are given maximum opportunity to explore their senses and so the activities planned for children also involves using more than one sense.

The curriculum focus is on:

  • Identification of letters and objects related to it,
  • Identification of numbers 1-5 and counting objects

Children are also made aware about lot things around them through identification and association. Curriculum also emphasizes on enhancing fine and gross motor skills. However t the main focus is on gross motor skills like walking, running, etc. with several variations to help the children develop fully.  

As a pre-requisite for writing, playgroup children are given spaces for uncontrolled scribbling on slates and scribbling boards, the writing tools used in PG are only crayons which help in developing their pincer grip.

Along with writing, we focus on several rhymes and songs as a part of concept teaching. Additionally, children are also exposed to eating etiquettes during tiffin time.

All of these are taught through several diverse mediums including interactive smartboards, music, dance, play enactments, trips and other fun activities. This is embodied in our philosophy of Play + Learn + Grow.