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Pre-primary Program

The pre-primary curriculum focuses on the 5 areas of developmental domain which cognitive development which includes language and mathematic, thematic development, personal, social and emotional (PSE) development, physical development (fine and gross motor) and Creative Development.

All of our Pre-primary programs are taught through several diverse mediums including interactive smartboards, music, dance, play enactments, trips and other fun activities. This is embodied in our philosophy of Play + Learn + Grow.


The curriculum of nursery revolves around identification and pointing out of letters and objects related to it. The curriculum is more play-based, where concepts like letter and number identification are taught through story telling. Children learn numbers 1- 20 orally and 1-10 through number counting association. Children are exposed to uncontrolled scribbling on scribbling boards and worksheet and gradually move to controlled scribbling within a fixed space and then formation of shapes and pattern.

Children are taught to identify and sort things according to theme. Writing tool used in Nursery is only crayons and use of paints do activities like dabbing, printing, crumpling etc. Every letter is introduced through story and a creative activity associated with that letter. Children are exposed to easy-to-work books and worksheets. Fine and gross motor activities are planned like hopping, crawling, jumping etc. with variations. Yoga is introduced from the nursery class to enhance their gross motor skill.

As part of curriculum children are introduced to basic primary colours and identify objects based on it.

Junior Kg.

The curriculum is a combination of academic and fun activities. Letters are introduced to children in steps like introduction of letter, walking on the letter, creative activity related to that letter, writing of letter in worksheet and the workbook. Children are exposed to writing within the red and blue line. Hindi is introduced in Jr.kg where children only identifies Svar and Vyanjan. As a writing tool, children use crayon for initial three month of school and it is gradually weaned out and pencil is introduced. Oral counting of numbers 1-50 and identification and writing of numbers and object and numbers association from 1-20 is part of Jr.kg curriculum.

Experiments like non-fire cooking and mixing of primary ingredients are introduced in Jr.kg curriculum. Children are exposed to the outside world by taking them on field trips such as a fire station or bakery.

Gross motor activities like gymnastics, forward and backward walk, hurdle race are part of the curriculum along with fine motor activities like sticking, sorting, and picking which help children in improving their fine motor skills.

Senior Kg.

Children are introduced to formal academic learning through use of workbook and notebooks. Along with identification of letters, children are introduced to vowels and consonants, two letter words and making three letter words and gradually to form and write a few sentences. Curriculum focuses on knowing numbers 1-100 orally and writing of numbers from 1-50 in sequence. Curriculum also focuses on using of sign for greater than and less than, equal to, skip counting etc.

Children use pencil as a writing tool along with crayons. Children are exposed o activities like threading, use of plucker and squeezers to enhance their eye hand coordination and pincer grip. Children learn to write Hindi letters. As a part of curriculum to enhance their creativity children are given topics to think and make illustrations and projects of their choice.

Activities like show-and-tell or small-talk topics are part of Sr.kg curriculum to enhance the personal and social skills. Introduction of Primary, secondary and formation of tertiary colours are also part of the curriculum.